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fine stable interior


STABEAU develops smart, aesthetic products for dressage and riding stables. The expertise of dressage riders, engineers and designers results in practical solutions for everyday stable use that allow riders and grooms to spend more time with their horses.

With the development of STABEAU, we have managed, together with Creative-North-Solution GmbH , to develop a novel product for equestrian sports and to successfully place it on the market within the framework of a high-quality brand and comprehensive online distribution. From the development of the electronics to product design and "Made in Germany" manufacturing, the project was implemented and marketed within just nine months, from the initial idea to series production.

The brand name is formed from several terms that reflect our self-image in product development: stable / stable (English stable) / beau (French beautiful). Within this framework, the noble and classic corporate design was also created, which is reflected in the webshop, product catalog and social media ads.

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