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As part of our collaboration with welearn GmbH, we began a detailed review of their current brand positioning and product offering. welearn GmbH holds the brands: wehorse and wedog. These are active in Germany, with wehorse also making a name for itself in the US market.

Our work began with a sparring and workshop sessions, where we closely engaged with the leadership team on the client side to understand their goals and requirements. Throughout the process, we maintained open lines of communication, regularly sharing results and gathering feedback in joint meetings. To lift the brands from their current state to a future target state, we reviewed existing data on previous target groups, identified relevant use cases, and studied internationally operating competitors. Additionally, we set our sights on the product goals that welearn aspired to achieve in the coming years for both their brands. While formulating our recommendations, we took into account external communication measures such as PR initiatives, as well as internal communication requirements. Our ultimate objective was to craft an all-encompassing brand guideline that would establish a clear brand architecture and convey a powerful performance and value system across all associated products and brands.

As a result, we developed an inspiring new claim for wehorse that encapsulates the essence of welearn's vision. We consolidated the established direction towards a community-centered approach, gaining a stronger connection between the brands and their users. Moreover, it was neccessary to create two different, overarching brand guidelines that represent a clear brand architecture and a value system for all associated products and brands.


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