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rider on a horse

How equestrian sports and branding are adapting to the shifting business landscape.

Riding the wave of change:

After visiting EQUITANA Germany and speaking to many clients and stakeholders in the industry over the past few weeks, here are some thoughts on branding and the equestrian industry.

The revolution in equestrian sports: Exploring the potential of virtual experiences

📱// Growing interest in virtual experiences with advances in technology, it’s becoming increasingly possible to create immersive virtual experiences that allow people to experience equestrian sports without actually being there in person. This could open up new opportunities for branding and sponsorship, as well as potentially increase interest and participation in equestrian sports among people who might not otherwise have access to them. Examples: SAP, wehorse – The Online Riding Academy

Riding the global wave: Equestrian sports and branding embrace globalization

🌎 // Increasing globalization: Equestrian sports and branding are already global industries, but as international travel continues to be the norm in professional sports, there may be even more opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration and marketing. These could include partnerships with companies and organizations in other countries, as well as the development of marketing campaigns and events that appeal to global audiences. Examples: CHIO Aachen

Eco-conscious equestrian: Sustainable trends shape sports and brand identity

🌱 // Increased focus on sustainability: As consumers become more aware of environmental and ethical issues, there may be a greater emphasis on sustainable practices in equestrian sports and branding. This could include everything from using eco-friendly materials for riding gear to promoting horse welfare and minimizing the environmental impact of equestrian events. Examples: Manifattura Valor, STABEAU

Data-driven equestrian future: Enhancing performance and brand strategy

📈 // Greater use of data and analytics: As with many other industries, sports and branding in the equestrian world are likely to become increasingly data-driven in the future. This could involve using analytics to optimize horse training and performance, as well as to identify trends and opportunities in branding and sponsorship. Example: ehorses GmbH & Co. KG

Bridging gaps for the future: Tech, environment and culture in equestrian sports and branding

Overall, the future of branding and equestrian sports will likely be shaped by a number of technological, environmental and cultural factors. However, it is clear that these industries must remain closely linked. For a better sports world and a sustainable business landscape.

“Linking equestrian brands with technology will form a better sports world and a sustainable business landscape.”