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Hooves and hustle: Exploring Germany’s flourishing equestrian marketplace.

With over 10,000 companies, crafting businesses and service providers in Germany, it’s evident that the equestrian industry holds a significant place in the country’s economy. Let’s have a look at a the statistics and explore the business landscape centered around the horse.

“The turnover of the German horse industry is estimated at 6.7 billion Euros.

Source: Deutsche reiterliche Vereinigung (FN) 2022

The role of horse care and management:

Accounting for 39% (2.6 billion Euros) of the total expenditure in the equestrian sector, horse care and management plays a big role. The costs associated with feed, stabling, veterinary care, and equipment form a substantial portion of the overall revenue generated within the industry. The commitment to providing quality care and welfare is a priority for many businesses and horse owners.

Retail and service take the lead:

The retail and services segment of the equestrian industry claims the lion's share of the revenue, comprising 61% (4.1 billion Euros) of the total industry turnover. This sector encompasses a wide range of businesses, including equestrian equipment stores, tack shops, riding schools, trainers, and professional service providers. It is the driving force behind the industry's economic growth, catering to the diverse needs of horse enthusiasts, riders, and professionals. As the demand for equestrian products and services continues to grow, opportunities abound for businesses to thrive and make their mark in this dynamic landscape. From horsekeeping and retail to auctions and breeding programs, the German equestrian industry offers a rich and diverse ecosystem that supports the passion and endeavors of horse enthusiasts nationwide.